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  • Imperial College - Tony T-F - centralisation benefits

    "Centralising application and data delivery has helped to reduce the cost of management and support, increased data security and resulted in fast, reliable performance for users."

    Tony Tarragona-Fiol, Program Manager, Imperial College London

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  • Moat Housing - Barry Foster - leaders

    "Centralis quickly stood out as leaders in their field with a clear understanding of current technology and how it can be applied to the needs and challenges faced by businesses today.“

    Barry Foster, IT Manager, Moat Housing Group

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  • Groupama - Paul Marshman - track record

    "Centralis has extensive experience in VDI, a track record of successful delivery and the team was very enthusiastic and precise about how you could go about it."

    Paul Marshman, Customer Support Manager, Groupama

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  • IGEL - Simon Richards - Home

    “Centralis understand totally the complexities of virtual and server based computing models, they were at the forefront of this technology space at the beginning and have maintained their knowledge leadership.”

    Simon Richards, UK Managing Director, IGEL

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  • Citrix - Simon Sparrow - home

    “Its knowledge of Citrix solutions, combined with a strong methodology and commitment to best practice means that Centralis is well equipped to take on challenging projects for demanding customers.”

    Simon Sparrow, Consulting Manager, Citrix Systems (UK) Ltd

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  • Fellowes - Jonathan Travers - why

    "When we were looking for a partner to do virtualisation with, we did some research and we came across Centralis. We got in touch with Citrix and asked them for their feedback and what we heard was very good."

    Jonathan Travers, Head of European IT, Fellowes

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  • Surrey CC - Peter Sullivan - track record

    "Centralis' proven track record in delivering Citrix-based solutions in complex environments was key to the success of the project"

    Peter Sullivan, Technical Architect, Surrey County Council

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  • Suffolk CC - Mark Adams-Wright - home

    "I chose Centralis because other public sector colleagues had had such good experiences. They were able to listen to what we had and provide that logical process that built the tactical solution and kept the strategic journey going at the same time."

    Mark Adams-Wright, CIO, Suffolk County Council 

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  • UAL - Kevin Garner - positive users

    “We have received extremely positive feedback from our users about the new solution which greatly improved their working environment and its seamless deployment."

    Kevin Garner, Head of Technical Services, UAL

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  • HCA - Tina Hughes - close collaboration

    "The project’s fixed timescales meant that particularly close collaboration was required between the in-house team and Centralis. Excellent working relationships were established right from the off, and we look forward to working with Centralis in the future."

    Tina Hughes, ICT Manager, HCA

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Making the move to new ways of working with integrated apps, business process and mobility? Our transformation service integrates skills from Centralis and key partners to plan your journey.

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Realign your IT delivery with business needs by developing a clear desktop strategy, based on real requirements, that supports your organisation's strategic goals and objectives.

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Desktop Transformation

A structured methodology that will help you move, in manageable stages, from your current desktop delivery model to the cloud (or the one that's right for your organisation's future needs).

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Keep your end user computing service running smoothly by investing in our managed service.  Specialist staff, unique tools and nearly 20 years’ experience.

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Whether you call it a desktop, a workspace or an end-user computing environment, Centralis specialises in that critical point where the user meets IT. 

Our transformation consultancy helps organisations align their business and IT strategies, supporting increased use of mobile and flexible working, shared services, VDI and cost reduction through new ways of working. Design, build and managed services create and maintain high-performance solutions.

With options covering desktop virtualisation, cloud, mobile, fixed physical desktops or BYOD, Centralis workspace optimisation means that users have access to the applications, data and personalisation they need – and have a user experience that matches their expectations.

Virtualised desktops made simple

This short video explains how virtualised desktops help you deliver the IT service users and organisations need, the challenges involved in maintaining an acceptable performance and how these can be overcome with Centralis PureDesktop. 


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